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About The Blue i Group

Lou Hagen

Founder and Inspector of The Blue i Group, LCC

Lou Hagen knows all too well how stressful the homebuying process can be. That’s why he started a home inspection company that keeps the client in mind. The Blue i Group is driven by a sincere desire to help people buy a home for their family that is safe, efficient, and fully representative of its value. By offering a home inspection built on integrity, Lou strives for the insight he offers to be an asset to his clients so that they can find stability in a trying time and succeed in their pursuit to become homeowners.

Before his career as a home inspector, Lou worked in the manufacturing industry. His diligent and perfectionist work ethic took him from humble beginnings as an entry-level worker all the way up to becoming the vice president of operations. While working in the various positions he held during that time, Lou gained valuable insight into the nature of good work, interpersonal relationships, and most of all, himself. Recognizing his own natural affinity for problem solving and an earnest desire to see those around him succeed, Lou decided to pursue a career in home inspection to support people during one of the most important times of their lives.

The Perfect Team

Lou Hagen founded The Blue i Group, and his wife Kimberly has been with him every step of the way. By all accounts the perfect team, Lou and Kim work together to constantly improve the business. A Project Manager by profession, Kim is integral to the continued success of The Blue i Group by supporting and advising Lou in his efforts to provide the best possible service.

When not inspecting homes, Lou loves working side-by-side with Kim on various home projects, from remodeling to designing landscapes. The duo also enjoys cruising the open road on their Harleys, boating out on the lakes, and occasionally flying above it all—Lou is a licensed private pilot.

The Blue i Group offers reliable home inspection services that are always performed with integrity and the client’s best interest in mind. Contact the Blue i Guy to schedule your inspection today.

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